NLO Championships 2012 BJJ
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NLO Championships 2012 BJJ
Dear friend.
NLO Championships has always been forerunner in Finnish grappling scene.
We where the first tournament in Finland to introduce master/senior categories in Jiu-Jitsu and ADCC Submission Fighting. We where right there in the begining of junior tournaments in Finland. We also have been the first to introduce money prizes, coolest gi competitions and mustache meetings at the tournament.
This year we top it all. We are calling it this year the NLO world championships. Why? Because we can. NLO is friendly and fun competition where everyone can enjoy themselves with the sport that we all love.
We have had fighters from Finland, Sweden, Estonia, Denmark, Russia, Brazil etc. literally all over the world.
So come and join us for weekend of fun and grappling
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